Success Stories

I have an arthritic condition known as TMJ arthritis where I have constant pain in both sides of my jaw. It is a very painful condition which I have had for several years.

I have seen several specialists including dentists, neurologists, physical therapists with very little success. But after using your product for 5 days, I have noticed a reduction of the pain. I am not totally pain-free yet but your product has proven more effective than all of the arthritis medications I have taken thus far.

M. Albers
White Plains, NY

Two days after taking Syn-flex®, I noticed a mark improvement in my osteoarthritis in both my hips. I was able to cross my legs with much ease and much less pain than before.

K.B. Seah
Singapore, Asia

All I can say is my knee pain gone! Thanks!

Bill Bundy
Camden, SC

After the first week I could tell a big difference in my knees. The pain in my right hip has disappeared. Syn-flex® is just unbelievable. I'm so pleased with my progress that I've quit taking my Celebrex.

Sarah Branch
Garner, NC

I am experiencing a vast improvement in my condition since I began to use Syn-flex®. I have a spring back in my step and I am sleeping better. I no longer have to wear my sports ankle supports whilst working in the swimming pool. Thank you.

Pauline Pochin
Herefordshire, England

Less than three days after taking Syn-flex® the severe pain in my knees was gone. I'm now able to walk at the mall, go up and down ladders and after playing with my grandchildren, I am able to get up from the floor without any help. I no longer have to live in pain.

Mountainside, New Jersey

I took Syn-flex® for a month and it really helped my energy level and overall better feeling. I have Fibromyalgia and current problems with cysts on the inside of my hip and groin area. I have had my second supply now for about four days and can report an improvement in my energy level again along with improved sleep. As you know, sleep is a BIG problem for fibromyalgia sufferers. I ordered the three bottles this time, so hopefully I will see even more changes. I have an appointment with a modern Fibrymyalgia/Arthritis doctor at the end
of January, and am hoping to show him my improvement!

Grove City, OH

I have cervical spine degeneration from a car accident. It's encouraging how much better I am feeling. My lower back pain is gone, and my knees are considerably better. Because my neck is so much better, my muscles don't tighten up as much. Think of all that I'm saving on ibuprofen!

I have also used Syn-flex® for my dog. I have put her on it since she is now 7 years old and before Syn-flex® was getting reluctant about jumping into the car. Now she flies into the back seat!

Fort Collins, Colorado

I am a retired military officer who suffered from hip pain for 21 years. After I began taking Syn-Flex®, my hip pain was gone. This product definitely works for me.

Holmes Beach, Florida

I've been taking Glucosamine in pill form for many years and never felt like it was doing anything for me. Syn-flex®'s liquid formula has made a positive difference for me after only several weeks.

Longmont, CO

I am very pleased with Syn-flex®. I want to take more of it as it is very pleasant tasting. I have osteoarthritis in my right hip and left knee. I am getting better and I am sure this product is part of it.

Ventura, CA

Both my wife and I are using Synflex® and receiving good benefit. My wife dislocated her knee 8 years ago and the doctor said that she had totally ruptured three of the four ligaments that support the knee. She has been in more or less constant knee pain ever since, complicated by an overweight problem. The Synflex® is the best product that she has ever used for her knees. It has greatly reduced the pain and we are hopeful that it will rebuild some of the damage. I have had achy knees for some years and likewise, my knees feel better and are improving.

Ken & Trish
Glendale, California

I was a 2nd place winner in one of your contests, so decided to give Syn-flex® a try. I have already had a total right hip replacement, & would like to avoid having to have the left side done. Also, both of my knees do cause me some pain from time to time, so I figured I was a prime candidate for Syn-flex®. I was taking CosaminDS capsules, but I asked my doctor about using Syn-flex® and he gave me the go-ahead. I am happy to report that halfway into the 1st bottle, I could tell a difference in the mornings when I crawled out of bed at 4am to stagger to the kitchen for that first cup of coffee. There was no more stiffness in my hips or knees!! I am just glad I had the forethought to buy more than 1 bottle, so I will not run out for awhile! I also have a 3 yr. old mini dachshund and if the time ever comes that she begins to show signs of arthritis, I will know to give her Syn-flex®. Thanks so much for a super product!!

Trish Deishl
Gresham, Oregon

I have been administrating Synflex® to my German Shepherd AND taking it myself for about three months. It seems to work real well for my dog, she is still stiff and limping upon getting up from a nap or after a nights' rest but I am almost positive that Synflex® has been a life saver for her. I do know for sure that her condition has not deteriorated and that, in of itself, means something! Time will tell. As for myself, I also believe that it has helped my situation which is located in my right shoulder. But I can say this for sure: Typically, when walking on the ranch I would step in pot holes and the like and for the last three years or so I have noticed without question that when mistepping into a pot hole my hips were not as insulated as in years past and that I would feel a jolt and a pain that made me realize that the cartilage is thinning out or something and that there is definitely not as much cushioning as there once was. After taking Syn-flex® for about three months I can definitely say that I can take those pot holeswithout a jolt and without any pain. I know because every time I misstep I marvel at the absence of pain.

This is something I'm not guessing at but the reality of my situation! Feel free to use any part of my letter as a testimonial. I am happy to sharemy experience.

All the best,
Dan Bravin
Agua Dulce, CA

It has been about a month since I started taking the Syn-flex®. I have also been giving it to my aging dog (arthritis of the spine that has caused compromised sensory function in her rear legs and some incontinence as well). Previous to taking Syn-flex® I had a terrible problem with multiple injuries to knees over the years, but now I have not noticed as much pain recently and my dog seems to have really perked up.

Barb Kitts
Greentown, IN

In 1993 I sustained a traumatic injury that led eventually to spinal reconstruction. I was left with limited mobility and dependent on painkillers. Syn-flex® changed that picture completely. It had such a major impact on my life that I became the owner of the company in order to share this product with others.

Holmes Beach, Florida

My arthritis was in my left shoulder to the extent I could not raise my arm above my head and hardly hold it straight out. Also, in the morning I could hardly bend my fingers

I did not take any medication as I do not like drugs so I was very happy when I found Syn-flex®. In about a week to 2 weeks my fingers were completely better and my shoulder is coming along very well. I have been exericing and I can hold my shoulder straight above my head for the first time in years.I have told other people about this amazing product, thanks.


What I've noticed the past week (since beginning to take Syn-flex®) is that I can finally focus on something else other than pain. It's decreased to the point where I can actually sleep. And getting up and down is not the ordeal it used to be.


After finishing my first bottle of Syn-flex®, I noticed that my back, had completely stopped hurting. In fact, except for some pain in my shoulders, I was pain free. I was ecstatic. However, due to monetary restraints, I haven't ordered a new bottle yet. Lo and behold, about two or three weeks ago, I woke up one morning, and noticed my back pain had returned. Since then, it has continued to bother me and a few days ago my hips started hurting. I am utterly amazed. I've never seen anything like it. When I am on Syn-flex®, my pain is gone. Without it, my life is just not the same. It is the first on my wish list as soon as I can save the $30.

Arden, North Carolina

After just a week of taking Syn-flex®, the arthritis pain in my knees and arms was gone. I can now dance again... including the jitterbug.

Bradenton, Florida

I ordered 3 bottles of Syn-flex® last month. I have just finished the first bottle and wish to report absoutly the pain and stiffness is gone. I was using Schiffs brand for the last 3 years and hated taking the horse size pills. Please feel free to use my name, I want everyone to know about your product . I will sing it's praises to all I meet.

Betty Wadler
Santa Cruz, CA

Since I started taken Syn-flex®, I've noticed tremendous results to my knee area greater flexibity. The pain has significantly lessened in just two days. I want to thank you for finding this product that really works!

Detra Thompson
Kansas City, KS

I take Syn-flex® daily and it seems to be the ONLY thing I've taken that truly helps my arthritis. Thanks!

Glynda Bergus from Colorado

My osteoarthritis was limited to my right big toe main joint (damaged in my twenties). It had begun to have a background pain that was becoming progressively worse. Prior to this, mild discomfort came and went periodically, and I ignored it. I guess the damage just progressed.

I tried Syn-flex® using the double dose for the first 10 days, and then regular dosing. I'm currently about 6 weeks into the program. Bottom line is: about 10% or less of the original pain is left. I've bought a bunch of bottles for my sister and mother. Conclusion: product works. My sister,
who had serious pseudo-gout damage to her knees and ankles, experiences relief immediately after taking Syn-flex®.

Thank you!
Mike Stancek

Atlanta, GA

The problem that I wished to treat is with my left hip. I had almost constant pain there before I started with the Syn-flex®. Now the pain is gone and I am increasing my daily activity hoping to make the hip strong again.

James Ellsworth
Rush City, MN

I am a bank manager and am on my feet a great deal of the day. I am 41 years old. I injured my back as a youth and have dealt with back and sciatic nerve problems for many years. I have been using Syn-flex® for four months now to ease my back pain. I have benefited greatly from this product and am making significant progress getting rid of my pain and discomfort.

Bradenton, Florida



I went away for the weekend this past week, forgot the Syn-flex®, and noticed a marked difference on Sunday evening. Back on it and feeling soooo much better.


I am doing just great on Syn-flex®. Since I have been on the Syn-flex®, I have not had as much need for ibuprofen or Ultram for the Spinal Stenosis, and my arthritis is better (or at least less noticeably painful). I have a wonderful concoction I call the Senior Cocktail: Metamucil spiked with Syn-flex®. It not only gets you going, it gets you going fast. By the way... I'm back on the tennis court for the first time in 10 years!


Before I started on Syn-flex®, I never dreamed of playing tennis, but since I have been on it for a while, I am playing tennis on the average of once a week.

Urbana, Illinois

Thank you for your interest in my results. I'm 52 years old and very active. Several months ago I began feeling pain in my right knee, then my left. Following exercise, running or playing tennis, I'd be in pain. The next day my recovery time would be 24 to 48 hours or more. The pain kept getting worse. Finally, I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon who took ex-rays and diagnosed my problem as the beginning stages of arthritis. I began taking your Syn-flex® about that time and have been taking it religiously everyday. I am now and have been for several weeks now, actively playing tennis twice a week with NO SWELLING, NO PAIN, AND NO NEED FOR RECOVERY THE NEXT DAY.

Syn-flex® is awesome and I've recommended it to many friends.

Thank you!
Stuart G. Brodie
Poway, CA

The Syn-flex® has helped more than anything else I have ever tried. The pain in my thumbs used to be constant. Now I can go days without pain. It is wonderful! I still have flare-ups from time to time and am trying to keep track of my diet to find out what aggravates my arthritis in order to do even better. I am so happy that I found out about Syn-flex® and decided to give it a try. It has improved the quality of my life in a major way.

Linda Pool
Willard, MO

I am 43 years old and have been waiting tables for 20 years. Last year, I considered finding another line of work since being on my feet nine hours a day was causing me too much pain. I broke my back, hips and pelvis in my teens. I have arthritis in both knees. When I first heard about Syn-flex® I though I would give it a try though I had serious doubts that It would be effective. Within two weeks I noticed a difference. And within one month, my pain was gone. I find myself squatting (something I could never do before.) I am able to bend, reach and lift like I did twenty years ago. This product is fantastic.

Holmes Beach, Florida


I cannot express how grateful I am for Syn-flex® and how surprised and pleased I am. You see, I have been hurting for some time (years) and have tried many things to alleviate the pain-I never had any success --until now.

In my 30's and 40's I was a marathon and 50 mile runner, but my running life was cut short by hip pain. I had severe hip-joint pain--for years. I read about Syn-flex®--and decided to give it a trial. Within 3 days of starting on Syn-flex® --the arthritic pain in my hips began to ease and now one month later --I am pain free. I never took NSAIDS because of the side effects--and now I am glad--even though at times the pain was bad.I kept looking for the cure for arthritic
pain and I found Syn-flex®--and it WORKS.

Andy Burns
(60 years old)
Commerce, GA

Thanks for your interest in my progress with Syn-flex®. I am doing so much better since I have been on this product. The pain is almost gone in my hands and this is wonderful. I am so glad that I found out about this great product.

Thanks again
Sybil Milhorn

Valdosta, GA

I thought I would bring you up to date on us, my wife is taking it and it helps with her carpal tunnel syndrome, my aunt it has helped with her arthritis in her hands and for me it has helped alot with my shoulder pain.

As for the dogs, my aunt has her baby as she calls her, that is 11 years old and has alot of trouble getting up and was not playing very much at all. She has seen a drastic improvement in the last 3 weeks. Syn-flex® is helping alot.

Thank you!
Oakley, CA

I have both osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia and after taking Syn-flex® for only six or seven days my aches and pains were gone. My daily walks to get exercise for both my dog and myself have become a pleasure again.

Anna Maria, Florida

I'm happy to write this, as i feel better than i have in at least the last ( six ) years. I used to want to cry when i stood on my feet, they hurt that bad!!!! I just can't beleive what this has done for me. I'm sure glad I didnt do the Vioxx trip like my Dr. wanted me too.

I'd recomend this stuff to anybody in bad Arithis pain. It did took about one and a half to two months, but sure glad i stuck with it. Thanks to Syn-flex®!

Ruth Smith
Blossburg, PA

I have just ordered another 12 bottles of Syn-flex® (to resell). The feedback from my customers is very positive. My wife is also taking Syn-flex® and her arthritis has greatly improved.

Penang, Malaysia

I work as a heating and air conditioning mechanic and for many years I have suffered with pain in my right shoulder. Almost immediately after I began taking Syn-flex® that pain disappeared. This is one terrific product.

Holmes Beach, Florida

I've been using Syn-flex® for 10 days now and I believe it started having an effect after 3-4 days. I'm delighted with the reduction in pain in my feet. Our 4-year-old pitbull, Lou, is also taking it for severe arthritis in his spine/hip area.

Toronto, ON

I really feel good with Syn-flex®. I was on it a couple months back and stopped. The pain came back so I started on it again and my pain went away. Syn-flex® has got to be the key.

Avon, Connecticut

I have had bad pain in my knee for a while. Now that I am on Syn-flex®, however, I get up the stairs much better and the sharp pain is gone. I am very happy with it. I told my neighbor and she went out and got some for her dog.

Freeport, NY